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Why technicians need mobile CMMS access

Now more than ever, it’s critical that workers not be tethered to their workspaces to get the job done. The freedom to work remotely and utilizing mobile apps has revolutionized the way we do business and improved efficiencies and workflow along the way.

Here are 3 reasons Facilities and Operations Managers prefer mobile CMMS solutions:

Real-time data is available when and where you need it

Technicians often have a lot of notes and information to record as they move from one task to the next and relying on memory and hand-written notes is both inefficient and, often, inaccurate. With every detail of the work order at their fingertips, facilities managers, technicians, and vendors can see, in realtime, what is needed and what to do.

Asset information is just a scan away

Going mobile also allows for QR Code scan technology to deliver specific details. Machinery and equipment – or even desks, computers and copiers – need not only to be inventoried but often need servicing with specific procedures. With a quick QR scan, the technician can find out everything they need to know to do their job well: when the unit was purchased, when it was last serviced and why, what parts it needs for repair and checklist procedures. User manuals and photos can even be accessed right from their mobile device, keeping service and repair on schedule and the workflow efficient.

Work orders get completed faster and better

Mobile CMMS solutions ensure that technicians, managers, and stakeholders alike are on the same page. Real-time work order and progress tracking minimize the inefficiencies caused by the traditional back-and-forth of emails and calls. Access to floor plans and building diagrams, as well as inventory and equipment data, provides maintenance personnel everything they need to fulfill a work order. And seamless, direct messaging get questions answered and changes made faster than ever before.

PropertyTRAK has led the way with mobile CMMS solutions and continues to make significant enhancements that further help streamline maintenance and facilities management. See how we can help your organization. Schedule a free demo now.