Data Centers

The critical environment of Data Centers often crosses multiple departmental support staff: IT, Facilities, Security, Vendors, etc

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance require step-by-step procedures, and enhanced communications among the staff and vendors. Our Custom Checklists assure the technicians are following the same procedures and are logging the results in support of the SOP’s you have in place. Our Emergency Preparedness module adds an extra layer of safety and is a great way to document desktop practices and training for restoring services.

Having access to all of the training documents via our iOS and Android apps reinforces procedures at the work site.


Data Centers have a critical set of objectives to keep their servers fully operational for their customers:

Acceptable environment for the servers:

  1. Cool temperature management
  2. Redundant Power Sources and Backup Generators
  3. Redundant Telco/Internet connections
  4. Clean spaces for operations team and customer meeting rooms
  5. Reliable, well maintained equipment and support services

Data Center facilities can be configured and organized to support the recurring work and ongoing operations of multiple departments – some examples are:

Facility Management: Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Docks, Storage, Lighting, Furniture/Fixtures, Elevators, Food Prep, Lobby, Study/Library, Fitness, Electric, Gas, Water, Waste Management, etc.

IT: Phones, Computers, Network, Internet, Software, Virus Protection, Audio Visual, TVs, etc.

Security: Perimeter Monitoring, Parking Lots, Door Access, Public Entrance, Employee Entrance, Time Clock, Emergency Preparedness, etc.

Custodial: Scheduled Recurring Cleaning, Carpet, Trash, Recycled Materials, Air Freshener, Restrooms, Food/Dining Areas, Common Areas, Special Purpose Spaces, etc.

PropertyTRAK gathers detailed descriptions of all requests and work order data of what, when, where and how much time and cost were incurred. These results are recorded and are available in configurable condition reports of performed work details, time, materials consumed, quality of service and costs for any performed work related to the buildings, departments, assets and people for specific events or periods of time.

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