Home Associations

Keep track of maintenance data by address or resident name with easy to use, customizable reports.

 Risk management details such as Certificates of Insurance, W-9’s and municipal licenses can be managed and monitored within PropertyTRAK. Contracts for snow removal, pool maintenance, fire/safety inspections, and periodic roof inspections are available from any mobile devices or desktop computers. Prepare project documents for issuing bids, and awarding contracts. As Home Association officers and employees change, the historical data is retained, and the new staff is able to maintain a consistent level of support to the Association members.

PropertyTRAK understands many needs of Home Associations and their Home Owners. Our mobile app provides access to historical maintenance records and maintenance manuals for technicians at the job site.

PropertyTRAK transforms any HOA’s information into one organized, easily accessible solution designed for intelligent management.

Most HOA’s are managed by a volunteer board of home owners or a management company and they generally rely on vendor companies to perform the various work that is needed for the HOA. PropertyTRAK is designed to be uniquely configured for the specific needs of the home association’s buildings, pools, recreation club, private streets, private sidewalks, driveways, lawns, sprinklers, trees, signage, (or roofs and painting if included in the agreement) and the common areas that are the maintenance responsibility of the HOA.

With PropertyTRAK any HOA can schedule and manage the ongoing recurring vendor provided work and the track cost, and details and quality of the performed work. Vendor contracts and agreements can be managed against the Service Level Agreement (SLA response time) of each vendor provider and can be reviewed for the quality of their provided services. This makes it easy to manage your vendors based upon performance and price.

Some examples of potential HOA use are:

Facility Management: Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Lighting, Furniture/Fixtures, Fitness Rooms, , Electric, Gas, Water, Waste Management, etc.

Security: Perimeter Monitoring, Parking Lots, Door Access to Recreation Club, etc.

Custodial: Scheduled Recurring Procedures for: Cleaning, Carpet, Trash, Recycled Materials, Air Freshener, Restrooms, Food/Dining Areas, Common Areas, Special Purpose Spaces, etc.

Grounds/Landscaping: Lawn, Shrubs, Flowers, Ground Cover, Pools, Fences, Signage, Sprinklers, Seeding/Fertilizer, Ice/Weather, Snow Removal, Safety, etc.

Fleet Management: Scheduled Transportation, Vans, Trucks, Carts, Workshop, Repairs, Warranty Tracking, Accidents, etc.

PropertyTRAK gathers detailed descriptions of all requests and work order data of what, when, where and how much time and cost was incurred. These results are recorded and are available in configurable condition reports of performed work details, time, materials consumed, quality of service and costs for any performed work related to the buildings, departments, assets and people for specific events or periods of time.

Let us show you how to automate your HOA maintenance and work smarter!