Operations manager roles have changed from tactical to strategic

  • PropertyTRAK is a solution for long-term, continuous improvement
  • Automated maintenance saves time and resources
  • Manage your facility for the average price of a cell phone bill per building
  • Our clients have realized a 35% annual savings compared to the overall building operations cost without PropertyTRAK


respond faster

Respond Faster

With instant email and text notifications, staff have the ability to immediately become aware of Service Requests and Work Orders and respond accordingly.

Communicate Easier

Communicate Easier

Automated notifications are sent to the requestor, staff technician, and administration  throughout the entire work order process keeping everyone informed and in the loop.

manage better

Manage Better

Easily sort Work Orders by priority, department, and even common requests. Extensive reporting tools provide a complete history of staff, properties, and more with just a few clicks.

ROI – Return On Investment

PropertyTRAK has proven to provide a compelling Return On Investment as it helps to implement improvements in efficiency, communications, accountability, improved utilization of personnel and the life cycle tracking of assets. Our Client Users have documented improvements and savings in the categories of: Property Management, Facilities Management, Emergency Response, Disaster Recovery, Improved User Feedback and Quality Ratings. On average our Clients have realized a 35% annual savings compared to the overall building operations cost without PropertyTRAK. Because PropertyTRAK is provided as Software as a Service and not as a purchased asset, the savings are realized immediately and ongoing every month and every year.





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Configurations for a Wide Variety and Size of Clients

  • Multiple User Roles: Employees, Staff, Management and Vendors
  • Essential Applications: Service request, Work Orders, Projects & Emergency Preparedness
  • Unlimited Transactions and Users
  • Document System: Logical Access Associations, Custom Folders, Help and Training Documents
  • Simple scheduling of needed Work Orders and Projects
  • Equipment Preventive Maintenance scheduling and work assignment
  • Basic tracking of maintenance costs
  • Communication updates through Emails and/or SMS Text messages
  • Standard Reports  exportable in PDF, XLS or CSV formats
  • Multiple Buildings managed by a central management group
  • Expanded Users: Multiple Employee Groups and/or Lease Tenants
  • Separate Work Order Departments: Facilities, Security, Custodial, IT, Warehouse, Etc.
  • Accounting Controls: Consumable Inventory, Fuel Cost, Parts/Materials, Etc.
  • Separate Equipment Lists: unlimited items/assets, per property, per specialty department
  • Dynamic Reports: custom reports to meet the needs of each department and/or management team


  • Regional Management with Divisions, Properties, Departments with restricted Staff and Vendors
  • Time Zone Support
  • Enterprise Wide Asset management
  • Floor Plans for each property
  • Room Reservations – view of available rooms, schedule, specific setup and resource requirements
  • Vendor Sources – manage contract Vendors for multiple builds and market areas
  • Work Force Scheduling – available Staff by expertise – work load balancing
  • API Connections – sync Email, Calendar, Single Sign-on, HR, Accounting/Purchasing, BAS, Etc.