Recurring work orders save you time and help you stay organized. They are tickets for work that repeats according to a set schedule, such as preventive maintenance. 

  • Create a work order as normal.
  • Pick the Frequency you want it to Repeat.
  • Assign it to staff or vendor and it’s scheduled in PropertyTRAK.
  • A work order notification email is sent out as the date approaches   

Here is a more expansive explanation – feel free to call us with any questions. 

  •  Create the work order as you normally would.
    • A checklist can be embedded in the work order to guide the process.
  •  In the Repeats field, select the frequency option and complete theadditional options provided. a.
    • Never: default setting for one-time work ordersb.
    • Daily: schedules the work order every dayc.
    • Weekly: schedules the work order on one or more days of every weekor so many weeks (i.e., every Wednesday or every 2 weeks on Tuesday andSaturday)d.
    • Monthly: schedules the work order every month or every so manymonths based on the original order’s Due Date, either
      • on the same Date each month (i.e., the 5th day of each month) or
      • on the same Day of each month (i.e., the 2nd Wednesday)
    • Yearly: regenerates the work order on the same month and day everyyear. 
  • The Create Workorders field sets the number of days prior to the DueDate that the notification email will be sent. Scheduled tasks appear asPending on the Calendar until this date.
  • Now, finish up by assigning to staff or vendor as you would astandard work order. 

Manage and monitor them through the Recurring Work menu under Work Orders onthe Navigation Bar. Modifying a recurring work order will modify it andfuture work orders but prior work orders are not modified.