With the proliferation of laptops, tablet devices and smart phones on the market – as well as in the hands of facilities managers, their staff and vendors – it takes no stretch of the imagination to understand that there is a genuine benefit to a web-based facilities management software application in almost any work environment that makes use of these mobile devices to speed up productivity and shorten response time.

One of the biggest challenges for facilities managers is in communicating work orders to on-site staff members and outside contractors or vendors while on the go. The era where a facilities manager is tied to an office desk, filling out work orders on paper, shuffling documents around the office from the clipboard to the filing cabinet, and answering the phone has come to an end. Most facilities managers are running their operations on their feet. The “office” has evolved. For many in the facilities management industry, four walls, a phone and a Tanker desk has evolved into a golf cart, a smart phone and a tablet device.

Outside of the immediate benefits brought by the ability to remain almost completely mobile in your facilities management position, the other notable benefits of a web-based system are in the ability to leverage the software to increase on-time completion rates of scheduled work. This in turn also increases overall customer satisfaction. A web-based management system also means less equipment in the field (providing asset protection). Online forms in the software mean a reduction in businesses processes – there’s no more need to move papers from clipboards to filing cabinets and run the risk of losing anything that was accidentally misfiled.

With a web-based facilities management software, productivity can be realized anywhere. You can work from the office, the home, or the sandwich shop down the street.

From a technology and upkeep standpoint, a software-based management system that is web-based and truly device independent also presents a lower annual IT management cost. Updates to the software happen automatically. The devices that make use of the web-based system never need to be updated – no software product downloads are ever necessary.

Web-based applications have truly changed the way facilities managers look at their productivity and their mobile tools. In any environment where phone calls and work orders stream unceasingly, response time is crucial to proper management and job success. Given the changing nature of business and the demands placed on the facilities manager, a web-based facilities maintenance application gives the manager and their staff the ability to leverage the power of technology and provide constant contact and monitoring for the jobs at hand. Work can be performed wherever there’s an internet connection or a wireless signal.

A web-based facilities maintenance program, such as PropertyTrak by AirMass, is designed to address all of the software performance and functionality needs for the modern facilities manager. To learn more about facilities management request a demo.