In an environment where on-site assets under the control of the property or facilities manager may range from hand-held outdoor power equipment (such as leaf blowers and pressure washers) to massive roof-mounted air handlers, preventive maintenance is a program that aids in maximizing asset lifespan, as well as minimizing repair or replacement costs. In the past, facilities managers relied on calendars and printed notes for scheduling preventive maintenance – or depended on verbal reminders from third-party service vendors. In either case, the preventive maintenance schedule was often an aspect of the facilities manager’s work schedule that saw frequent delays and missed opportunities. With a software-based facilities management application that includes preventive maintenance software, a program of upkeep and failure reduction has never been easier to schedule, run, and manage.

At its core, preventive maintenance is a course of procedures aimed at maintaining facility equipment to peak operating efficiency through asset tracking, inspection, fault detection, and, when required, repair. The end result of any preventive maintenance program is one that detects and reduces the likelihood of failures in equipment that may cost the facility unexpected, undue expenses.

Preventive maintenance software from PropertyTRAK allows facilities managers the ability to schedule preventive maintenance, as well as manage multiple maintenance tasks across the facility and track progress. When the paper calendar and service request forms are taken from the process, the software allows the facilities manager to quickly create maintenance tasks and assign them to staff members or vendors. The efficiency gained returns to the facility in saved time,
lowered labor costs, and lower operational costs.

The Benefits of Software-based Facilities Management:

  • Assure maximum product life and peak efficiency of on-site assets
  • Schedule and track maintenance for everything from hand tools to HVAC
  • Easily create maintenance tasks and assignments
  • Communicate preventive maintenance requests to staff or vendors
  • Schedule one-time maintenance events or recurring events
  • Schedule tasks ahead by days, months, even years
  • Maximize the useful life of expensive assets
  • Ensure that all systems on premises are operating as designed
  • Set and manage maintenance schedules according to manufacturer guidelines
  • Use calendar feature to review all past, current or future preventive maintenance tasks
  • Analyze preventive maintenance work loads for any given period
  • Adjust workloads and resource availability quickly and efficiently
  • Generate work order messages that alert staff and vendors to task changes
  • Manage your own work performance and ensure job security
  • Reduce costs and improve service levels

Faults and failures in equipment – any equipment – will eventually occur. When, where, and how are the questions that drive preventive maintenance. A program driven by PropertyTRAK preventive maintenance software allows the facilities manager to plan, schedule and assign labor to preventive maintenance efforts, with the expectation that these scheduled tasks will allow them to better predict when equipment will need servicing or replacement.

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