Starting new projects at work might seem like starting a diet – there is never a good time.  For facilities management, there always seems to be new issues to address – that is why it’s so important to set goals, be organized and get started.

The beginning of the last quarter of the year is a good time to assess what we’ve accomplished so far in 2019.  It is also a good time to start something new.  With 95 days left, we have plenty of time to update our goals and refocus our efforts.   

Now might not be the time to dwell on the year’s missed opportunities, but new goals might help end the year on an upswing.  If you are already using PropertyTRAK computerized maintenance management system, your goals might be:

  • Update recurring maintenance checklists to assure work performed extends the life of valuable equipment.
  • Use PropertyTRAK analytics capabilities to pinpoint asset replacement needs for next year.
  • Create a site-specific ERP (emergency response plan) using the tools and templates provided in PropertyTRAK.

Or look back at the beginning of the year and choose a resolution to implement in the last few months of the year.   A little reflection and goals for focus, can help  make a difference – there is never a better time to start.