Property Management

PropertyTRAK provides an array of applications and assistance for facility managers to track information for leased tenants. This collaborative online program manages tenant services, lease documents, certificates of insurance, project planning and quality standards. The result is increased tenant retention and service quality.

Project & Task Management

The web-based interface helps you manage and track any property related project and associated tasks for design, budget, worker participation, progress, project communications, cost, quality, on-schedule status and completion details. Construction related warranty issues are fully documented with direct input from the contractors and service providers. The Property Management Tool also provides easy centralized access to organized historical documentation of all facility related information.

Leased Equipment

Document any assets that are leased/rented and create calendar reminders so rental agreements don’t auto renew or expire.  Use of Cost Centers can assure the related expenses are assigned to the tenant or captured in CAM charges. Equipment warranty specifics can be maintained on file in PropertyTRAK for easy reference when making decisions about major repairs or replacement of equipment. The software also tracks equipment warranties while providing notification of upcoming expiration dates.

The Property Management Tool provides a comprehensive representation of each property through the use of floor plans, photos, AutoCAD generated PDF files, graphical charts, Operation and Maintenance (O & M) plans and other property related documentation.

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