Asset/Equipment Management

PropertyTRAK Equipment/Asset tracking and assignment software lays the ground work for enterprise asset management.

Equipment tracking within PropertyTRAK is the first step to a number of activities that are critical for the progressive departmental manager. Those steps include: enterprise asset management, preventive maintenance and equipment valuation.

Within PropertyTRAK the equipment record is tied to the property. Coordinators can quickly manage the equipment for their particular buildings. They can locate a piece of equipment, assign an asset and view the chain of custody (user history with name date/time period of assignment),  run an equipment inventory for each property or review the specifics of the item like cost, age and maintenance history.

PropertyTRAK documents and provides reports of these important details in conjunction with each equipment item.

  • Manufacturer
  • Model number
  • Serial number
  • Type Designator (Electrical, HVAC, etc.)
  • Property
  • Location (Electrical Closet)
  • Floor
  • Size (BTU’s, HP, etc.)
  • Original Cost if known
  • Date placed in service
  • Anticipated life of the asset
  • Warranty expiration date

PropertyTRAK also allows manuals, images, notes, links, and other documents to be attached to each equipment item. So, information is available when needed without losing valuable time searching for it.