Departments need to be set whenever an existing user group is assigned to an additional property.

A department is a distinct staff work team, for example: Facilities, Information Technology. Each department has its own equipment, work orders, staff users, and projects. Departments span all divisions and properties. Staff in the Global department have access to all departments.

These settings control which departments appear in the dropdown on the service request for a Tenant/Employee user in a user group at a specific property.

Properties > List –Actions: manage user groups

manage user groups from the properties list

Actions: departments

Actions: departments

Assign departments to each user group at the property.

select the departments that the requester can choose

  • Selecting all gives employee or tenant contacts the option to select any department including Global.
  • Selecting one department will ensure that all service requests submitted will be limited to that department.
  • Typical setup is to check all boxes except global, requiring employees to select a specific department.

NoteIf a user group is assigned to three properties, the available departments need to be set for the user group at each property.