A new action is available in the Actions dropdown menu for staff users with work order edit permission:

email with comments. This action is available for service requests in any status. It opens up a messaging screen with the service request details, and a field to add comments.

Benefit: Improved communications with requester and other staff by providing service request details via email.

screenshot of email with comments action

After selecting the email with comments action, staff will see the messaging screen, with the ability to select any user in your account.

1. Select User Role: Staff, Vendor, User Group.

2. Select Recipients in the Available box and press the arrow button –> to move to the Assigned box.

screenshot of communications screen

3. Type message in the Message box. Service request details below are automatically provided and are not editable.

4. Press Send Message button to send email.

Email will be sent to the email address of the recipients via PropertyTRAK messaging.

Potential uses:

  • Contact the requester for more details regarding the request.
  • Request comment from another staff user about the request.
  • Notify any user with the details of the request.