Providing your visitors with Restroom QR Codes will raise Maintenance Standards to the next level.
It’s good for business and it
reduces costs.

QR Codes offering Checklists enable Guests to directly submit Service Requests for public areas  resulting in increased management control, enhanced FM services, and lowered costs.

After utilizing QR Codes within PropertyTRAK’s Computerized Maintenance Management System on  equipment to track and reduce costs for operations maintenance, Compass Health Network (CHN)  developed a unique QR Code application that amplified their ability to maintain their public areas.  CHN’s analysis of the results from utilizing a CMMS has led to equipment and process changes that  have further enhanced its corporate image, improved guest satisfaction, and financially benefited the  corporation. 

Compass Health Network  

Compass Health Network is a nonprofit health care organization that provides a full continuum of family  health support services including: behavioral health and substance use disorder services, as well as  primary and dental health services throughout Missouri. Based in Clinton, Missouri, CHN maintains 100  facilities and properties across the entire state.  

Previous Operations 

There are 390 restrooms across their 100 facilities that must be continually serviced, resupplied,  sanitized and maintained. Recurring Work Orders are used to ensure that scheduled janitorial services  and inspections periodically bring these public areas back up to corporate standards. Between  scheduled services, there was no formal way to learn if maintenance was needed for a specific restroom at a particular facility.

Key Concerns 

  1. Identify specific equipment and assets that can be included in Budgets for replacement or  enhancement that will help reduce staff time and operational costs. 
  2. Identify potential changes to service frequency and staff procedures that will cost-effectively  improve the image of high-traffic public areas presented to clients and guests. 

Change Decision 

COVID-19 mitigation experience had convinced CHN management that a proactive approach to visitor  health and safety can be critically important to the corporation’s bottom line. A client or guest’s first  impression from a public restroom often determines their confidence in the corporation and its mission.  Employees and staff were already launching service requests from Integrated QR Code technology using the PropertyTRAK CMMS Mobile App. CHN wanted to implement a comparable solution for  guest visitors.

The Solution

1. Create a “service needed” sign with a location-specific QR Code linked to the PropertyTRAK CMMS as a high-priority service request.

2. Post the signs in all 390 public restrooms so that the QR Code can be scanned by a visitor’s smartphone.

3. The visitor/guest is presented a simple form with a checklist of supplies and service maintenance options which may be requested anonymously if desired

Uniquely Solved Concerns

1. Easy access and participation by using the visitor’s own smartphone. Quickly scan a  ocation-specific QR Code to display a simple request form that is automatically linked to their PropertyTRAK CMMS.

2. Timely response is important for a quality experience and it is facilitated by the same automated notifications used throughout PropertyTRAK. Guest submittals receive high priority and the system logs and tracks all requests through completion.

3. Standardized solutions can be set up once and rolled out quickly to all facilities. The Checklist Protocols are easily integrated into the Custom Service Request Form. The service request may be submitted anonymously to assure greater participation and compliance.

4. Multiple Departments can use this public access concept to handle unique areas that are under their responsibility: parking issues, handicap access concerns, unattended lobby areas, kitchens/food service, and after-hours contact information.

Resulting Impact & Cost Savings

Integrating the use of public access QR Codes directly into the Operations Department workflow allows the CHN team to be more responsive to client and visitor needs. Through integrations, it is estimated that CHN incurred labor costs of $35,000 annually on high-priority, one-off service requests from their restrooms alone.

The goal was to reduce the cost to $11,000 annually by addressing the 68% ($24,000) of requests that are for interim resupply. This reduction comes about in part by revising requirements (supply replacement level, etc.) on the recurring servicing work orders. With usage trends from specific restrooms, container capacities are expanded (dispensers for hand soap, paper towels, and toilet paper rolls) to better meet demand.

Benefits to CHN 

The CHN operations team continues to accumulate data through the PropertyTRAK CMMS solution  that will drive decisions for the most cost-effective changes to resolve on-going issues. They are able to  focus on specific issues at specific locations, so they don’t have to rely on one-size-fits-all  enhancements. The reduction of hours spent on extra service requests help limit overtime costs and  better manage the growth of the size of their required maintenance staff. By listening to their clients and  visitors, and quickly responding with specific solutions, everyone associated with Compass Health  Network can be proud of the high-quality, safe environment maintained for clients and visitors.  

Final Comment 

“PropertyTRAK has the flexibility to allow us to enhance and expand our uses of their  application to unique areas previously not considered. These cost savings benefit the entire  organization. They are key to our ability to best manage our facilities and operations.”  Daniel Grzenia, Senior Director of Facilities, Compass Health Network

PropertyTRAK is a cloud-based Operations CMMS software solution, designed to manage assets and  buildings for sustainability. Clients benefit from the ability to organize, automate and simplify workflow  events and communications. PropertyTRAK has more than 15 years’ experience supporting clients  nation-wide with broad capabilities including industrial-level Mobile Applications for iOS and Android  devices.


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