Equipment, machinery, and other mechanical assets are only as reliable as the service and maintenance put into them. Each piece of equipment has its own particular set of “instructions” and tracking that information can be a detailed job. In large facilities with a number of various pieces of equipment, proper asset management means keeping records for each asset and knowing when they require service. At the same time, when an asset fails, having complete product information handy speeds service and minimizes downtime.

For the facilities manager who must keep track of a sizable number of assets (on-site or off-premise), a software-based equipment tracking system allows for a greater level of information and control over equipment, machinery, and other like assets under their care. The equipment tracking aspect of the PropertyTRAK software suite provides asset management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and equipment valuation as part of the facilities management software suite.

Equipment tracking and management is a function of facilities management that allows managers to properly plan and schedule maintenance. The maintenance schedule ensures that equipment is kept within the maintenance guidelines set by the manufacturer, as well as guards against untimely product failures that could lead to unwanted periods of downtime in the facility.

For the purpose of keeping details on each of the individual assets, PropertyTRAK allows facilities managers to capture and store asset type, manufacturer data, model numbers, serial numbers, item value, and warranty information. This data is vital when product failure or service issues are concerned. Knowing when the manufacturer’s warranty expires or what types of equipment failures are covered under a valid warranty can save a great deal of time and money for a company or organization. In addition, PropertyTRAK allows each asset file to include supporting documents such as product manuals, images of the assets, manufacturer website links, and any other relevant notes and documents.

PropertyTRAK also allows facilities managers to tag each asset in the software with location, floor position, product dimensions, status, and when the asset was placed in service. During a maintenance or service call, this information is valuable in cases where the facilities manager isn’t familiar with the asset in question. With PropertyTRAK, the facilities manager can quickly locate a piece of equipment, review specifics for the item, and see the service history before picking up the phone and calling in a service request. And if there is a particular staff member or third-party contractor to be contacted for service on the asset, the PropertyTRAK tracking software allows that individual’s name and contact information to be listed along with the other asset information.

PropertyTRAK is an integrated suite of desktop applications that was developed to help facilities managers in mid-sized to large companies reduce business processes, streamline operations, and control their assets. To learn more about related facilities management topics, read the monthly blog articles here at PropertyTRAK.