On occasion, facilities managers are asked to take on large-scale projects that take them out of their day-to-day facilities management role and ask them to function like a project manager. This is more common in larger commercial property environments but may occur from time to time in smaller facilities. For the facilities manager who has had no formal training in managing projects with multiple assets, specific budgets, and hard timelines, these kinds of project manager roles can be daunting to set-up and manage effectively. Fortunately, there is a software solution that puts all the components of effective project management at the touch of the keyboard and mouse.

When it comes to managing large projects, experienced project managers know that the success of the job comes from developing a well-thought-out plan that encompasses all necessary tasks needed to complete the job on-time and at budget. With a well-developed plan scoped out, project managers can then assign inside or third-party resources to the various tasks. The rest of the job duty typically entails tracking resource output (and overall project progress), managing the project budget, ensuring deliverables, and reporting back to project stakeholders. In the end, seasoned project managers often take time to analyze project successes or failures and make notes that are used to adjust timelines or workloads with future projects.

Project management is a distinct discipline. The history of modern project management only dates back to the 1950s, and is widely considered a new science for controlling resources toward a pre-planned end. As stated earlier, it is fortunate that the modern age has developed software-driven resources to help project managers (of any level of experience) meet their goals and objectives. PropertyTRAK is one such project management resource that has been designed and developed by facilities managers for facilities managers.

Project Management Functions by PropertyTRAK

  • Easily set up a project with a start date and end date
  • Include budgetary information for the project
  • Develop and assign tasks associated with the project
  • Manage individual task budget and resource allocation
  • Track labor expenses and hours for the project
  • Show and track tasks that are dependent on other tasks
  • Visually track project progress via a color-coded Gantt Chart
  • Track and report labor or asset progress and record notes

The PropertyTRAK suite of facilities management tools incorporates a number of different functions that were designed and built to serve the every need of the facilities manager in any size facility. The project management function is just one aspect of the suite but was included to help facilities managers minimize their effort in managing tasks toward pre-defined objectives. For any project of any size, the three crucial elements that chiefly concern the project manager are scope, time, and budget. Each of these elements, when mismanaged, can quickly delay a project or bring it fully to a halt before completion. With the project management aspect of the PropertyTRAK software suite, the process is made all the more controlled and effortless.

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