Startups: Made in Kansas City: Enterprise Center of Johnson County

John Massey, CEO PropertyTRAK was interviewed for Outpost Worldwide and KCPT’s series Startups: Made In Kansas City. John Alexander, COO of PropertyTRAK and Fred Kaffenberger, Product Manager are also shown.

John Massey: “As an entrepreneur, I really appreciate the value we derive from the Enterprise Center of Johnson County. Joel Wiggins and Rick Vaughn, and even the receptionist and the other consultants here help us whenever we have a need or want to bounce something off of them. And many times, Joel and Rick have come in and helped us put together presentations and given us feedback on how to present things better.”


PropertyTRAK is a web-based facilities management and operations management tool set, so it keeps everyone accountable and writes a record. It’s like Carfax for buildings. Everything that’s happened to the building during the time that PropertyTRAK has been implemented.”


“This Center is excellent for any entrepreneur because the cost is right, the facilities are wonderful, everything’s very clean, it’s consistent and secure. Great conference rooms and big presentation rooms— if you have a big meeting, which we’ve had a couple.”

Also featured in the video are Sarah Hemann, Jenn Hacket, and Joel Wiggins of the ECJC; Gary Hicks of Skillsniper is interviewed, as well as Angela Kreps of Kansas Bio, Brande Stitt of the Women’s Business Center, Kelly Pruneau of the Women’s Capital Connection.