Properties> List

Properties List with Actions Dropdown menu

The properties list page shows number, name, address, city/state, division, and type. The list can be sorted by clicking on any linked column. Also, the list can be filtered by letter by clicking on the alphabet at the top of the page (to see the full list again, click #).


View: Displays a popup window with summary information.

View Popup window displays property details

Popup window displays property details



Edit: Edit form (available is user is in the Global department and has properties edit permission.

Contacts: Manage contacts that are Property type (non-users). Most users will be Tenant/ Employee users or staff, not Property Contacts.

Notes and Documents: Manage notes and documents attached to this property record. Staff must be in the same division as the property to see documents for a property. Employee/Tenants must be in a user group that is assigned to the property and visibility status must include User Groups for them to see documents.

Manage User GroupsDisplay the list of user groups (employee groups and lease tenants assigned to the property. Also assign additional user groups to the property.

Report: Display the Property Report.

Tasks: Property Tasks – Not currently in use.

Work Orders:    View the work order list filtered by this property (work orders will be those in user’s own department).

Delete:   Requires delete permission for properties (must be global staff or client administrator). Remove property from active use. A confirmation popup is displayed before deletion.

Manage User Groups

The User Group list for a property displays assigned employee groups and lease tenants, and allows additional groups to be assigned to the property.

Manage User Groups for a property: Action dropdown for a group

Manage User Groups for a property: Action dropdown for a group














Edit: Edit form for the user group to update information.

Contacts: Manage the contact list for the user group. Includes both user contacts and non-user contacts. Client administrator can reset passwords from the Administration> Users section of the navigation menu.

Departments:    Set which departments will be available for the service request when tenant/employee users for the group submit requests. Staff can always submit a request on behalf of a tenant/employee for any department.

Assign departments available when user in group submits a request

Assign departments available when user in group submits a request



Lease: Edit the lease and lease documents.

Create/Edit Lease form

Create/Edit Lease form

: Removes the assignment of user group to the property (does not delete the user group).

Send Link: Email a link to a new tenant/ employee so that they can sign up on PropertyTRAK.