Medical Clinics

PropertyTRAK provides a single cloud-based platform for any or all of your employees and medical staff, to submit Service Requests that are automatically routed to the appropriate department managers/technicians to resolve a problem. Our standard and custom reports yield the documentation required by many governmental organizations. With our Emergency Preparedness module, you can perform and document fire-drills and other inspection procedures as required by government and private regulatory organizations. Seamless communications with internal staff and external vendors can be tied to assets to help optimize preventive maintenance and reactive maintenance procedures; and ultimately support the development of capital and operating budgets.

What are they key benefits of facilities software that your institution needs?

  • Work order tracking
  • Vendor communication
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Equipment history
  • Asset tracking
  • Reporting
  • Emergency Preparedness ERP
PropertyTRAK is designed to deliver the ideal CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) benefits for medical clinics ranging in size from 3 locations and up — including office locations, satellite treatment centers, mobile clinics, medical office buildings, and other locations. Your procedures, your work teams, and your regional oversight are the basis for configuring the application.

PropertyTRAK transforms any facility’s fragmented information into one organized, easily accessible solution designed for intelligent management.

PropertyTRAK is designed to help you manage the entire range of your facility operational responsibilities including software access control for all USERS (Employees, Staff/Technicians, Management and Vendor Suppliers). You control who can access data about specific buildings, departments, applications, and assets; and individually what they can do – View Only, Edit, Delete, see Costs, and see Reports.

The variety and scope of medical related buildings can require many types of operational support by management, staff, and employees, and across multiple departments such as IT, Security, Fleet Services and Facilities. PropertyTRAK is designed to be uniquely configured for the specific needs of purpose designed buildings. In addition, PropertyTRAK can also support the diverse needs of regional facilities that support smaller communities and their needs.  Any type of building can be configured and organized to support the recurring work and ongoing operations of multiple departments – some examples are:

Medical Operations: Clinical Equipment, Patient Room Management, X-ray/Sonogram, ICU Monitoring Equipment, Surgery Support Systems, etc.

Facility Management: Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Docks, Storage, Lighting, Furniture/Fixtures, Sensors, Elevators, Food Prep, Lobby, Study/Library, Therapy/Fitness, Retail, Sanctuary, Backup Systems, and Utility Monitoring: Electric, Gas, Water, Waste Management, etc.

IT: Phones, Computers, Network, Emergency Power/Data/Water Backup Systems, Internet, Software, Virus Protection, Audio Visual, TVs, etc.

Security: Perimeter Monitoring, Parking Lots, Door Access, Public Entrance, Employee Entrance, Time Clock, Emergency Preparedness, etc.

Custodial: Scheduled Recurring Procedures for: Cleaning, Carpet, Trash, Recycled Materials, Air Freshener, Restrooms, Food/Dining Areas, Common Areas, Special Purpose Spaces, etc.

Grounds/Landscaping: Lawn, Shrubs, Flowers, Ground Cover, Pools, Fences, Signage, Sprinklers, Seeding/Fertilizer, Ice/Weather Safety, etc.

Fleet Management: Scheduled Transportation, Vans, Trucks, Equipment Carts, EMT Ambulance, Repairs, Warranty Tracking, Accidents, etc.

PropertyTRAK captures detailed descriptions of all Service Requests and Work Order data of what, when, where and how much time and costs were incurred. These results are recorded and are available in configurable reports listing performed work details, labor hours, materials consumed, quality of service, and total costs for any work performed related to the buildings, departments, assets and people for specific events or periods of time.

Let us show you how to automate your building maintenance and work smarter!