In a medium or large facility, the work orders for day-to-day maintenance and other tasks can quickly overwhelm a manual (or paper) work order scheduling and tracking system. Additionally, these outdated work order tracking systems may negatively impact dispatch times, effective labor usage, service quality, and tenant or management satisfaction during periods of heavy activity.

In a contemporary system – one in which mobile devices or, at the very least, computers are used to facilitate work order tracking, assignment and reporting – work order management software allows a facilities manager to quickly respond to work order requests from tenants, employees, staff members or other premise managers. Each work order activity is quickly coordinated with all responsible staffers. The work order management software also consolidates all work order traffic and associated notes – eliminating paper requests or scribbled notes that are easily lost or buried.

The end result is one in which efficiency leads to greater management effectiveness, cost savings, and resource availability.

Work order management software, such as PropertyTrak, allows facilities managers to utilize a number of system tools and customize outputs to their specific premise needs. At the same time, work order management software can allow managers to solicit bids and dispatch work orders to outside contractors and service vendors. Managers can utilize built-in calendars and checklists to keep all ongoing activities on track, as well as generate detailed reports on overall premise management and work order history.

Upon completion of the software-managed work order, your labor activity, supplies usage, and notes or observations, can be captured for further reporting analysis.

Work Order Management Software Benefits for the Facilities Manager:
· Allows you to easily create and assign work orders
· Efficiently manage buildings, properties or services
· Automatically route work orders to facilities managers
· Dispatch calls for work orders via text message or e-mail
· Receive instant acknowledgment of work order acceptance
· Quickly turn service requests into work orders
· Access work order database over mobile devices
· Create and assign work orders for any future date
· Receive instant acknowledgment of work order completion
· Track labor hours and supplies used for work orders
· Collect feedback on completed work orders
· Generate work order specific instructions for employees
· Maintain relationships with outside maintenance vendors
· Search for specific work orders and review or change details
· Verify tenant satisfaction with completed work
· Analyze work order history and evaluate maintenance operations
· Run reports specific to work orders and review staff performance
· Track your own performance as a manager and ensure job security
· Reduce costs and improve service levels

When the facilities manager can utilize work order management software to coordinate labor more efficiently, handle numerous work orders, and manage activities across the premises, the result is a cost benefit to the building or facility, as well as a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

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