In the banking and credit union sector, a proven facilities management program helps maintain not only physical aspects of each branch or office but also much of the equipment that is used in day-to-day operations. With a continuous flow of customers through each branch location, it is a well-known fact that banking facilities are an asset to the institution overall. The physical appearance of banking locations are often seen by customers as an indicator of trustworthiness and success. Therefore, banking facilities managers are routinely tasked with improving management of their branches and facilities.

Software-driven facilities management systems allow facilities managers in the banking industry to streamline processes and enhance operating efficiency in all aspects of maintenance, communication, and automation. Interruptions in banking service quality or physical bank access by the customers, for any unexpected maintenance service request, can have a negative impact on bank operations and public opinion. Fortunately, banks can now utilize software that allows them to strategically manage their facilities and keep operations running smoothly.

When the facilities manager can utilize a software-based work order management system to coordinate service and maintenance requests more efficiently, as well as handle numerous work orders and manage activities across the branches of the bank, the result is a cost benefit to the institution that greatly outweighs the cost of purchasing and implementing the facilities management software application.

Additionally, a web-based facility maintenance software application will allow the facilities manager to oversee maintenance and service operations wherever they have access to an internet connection for their laptop, smart phone or other mobile device. In situations where there are a large number of branches to be managed, the web-based systems are preferable due to their ability to reduce redundancies, improve communication, and limit the drain on IT staff.

A regularly-scheduled equipment maintenance management program for everything from money counters to elevators will also help to minimize business interruptions. This should also reduce long-term operational costs at each branch location.

Benefits of Facilities Management Applications for the Banking Industry:

  • Allows you to easily create and assign work orders
  • Improve service times from request to completion
  • Automatically route work orders to facilities managers
  • Receive instant acknowledgment of work order acceptance
  • Create and assign work orders for any future date
  • Track labor hours and supplies used for work orders
  • Maintain relationships with outside maintenance vendors
  • Search for specific work orders and review or change details
  • Analyze work order history and evaluate maintenance operations
  • Maintenance management system included
  • Improved service and enhanced efficiencies
  • Improve operations that impact customers
  • Reduce long-term operational costs

PropertyTrak by AirMass is an integrated suite of desktop applications that was developed to help facilities managers in mid-sized to large credit unions and banks (6 to 250 banking locations) with scheduling, tracking and managing maintenance for each facility (including branch headquarters, ATMs, and supermarket banking centers). In addition, PropertyTrak helps facilities managers in the banking industry reduce business processes and streamline operations.