Facilities Management Benefits for Upper Management Through Use of a CMMS

Whether a Company Officer, Executive or a Property Portfolio Manager, today’s leadership teams face many challenges in ensuring their organization is thriving. In business, we either hope we are doing the right thing, or we trust we are doing the right thing.  Multiple properties spread over a large geographic area makes knowing what is happening more difficult. The trust that the right thing is being done by your Facilities Operations team is the major benefit that a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) brings to your organization. 

 A cloud based CMMS system helps your managers control operational costs, present a positive image to the public, and reduce potential business liabilities. The System’s organized tracking of assets and work, automated notices, and simplified, straightforward work documentation gives you the peace of mind that your operations are aligned and focused on your mission.

Control Operational Costs

Businesses often invest substantial amounts in operational and overhead assets with expectations of getting at least a minimal return on their investments.  Implementing a Preventive Maintenance Program in the CMMS with work performed on a scheduled, recurring basis can fulfill warranty requirements and extend the useful life of the asset. 

System reports can highlight maintenance trends and comparisons by property or asset item. Historical records of the severity and quantity of repairs may lead to informed decisions on continued maintenance, deferred maintenance, or planned asset replacement.

Checklists embedded in the work orders have proven invaluable when documenting compliance with warranty or regulatory requirements.  Costs may be reduced when a task can be assigned to a broader pool of staff or vendors and the outcome still meets the high standards you set.

Scheduling routine maintenance through a CMMS can help decrease unexpected repair costs. By getting ahead and keeping everything up to date, you can worry less about potential problems that might arise if equipment is not being checked routinely.

The organized structure of the CMMS to log and track the status of all service requests submitted by employees or tenants is the basis for efficiency and productivity. Recurring work orders can be automatically generated by the system to help you manage that they are completed on time, no matter who they are assigned to on this particular day or week.  

Priority service requests won’t get ignored or lost as they are logged in the system and email/text notification is automatically sent to departmental coordinators.  Responsiveness is often key to satisfaction of employees and tenants so, if needed, a notification that the work is late can be automatically issued.

Reduce Potential Liability

The organization and automations within the CMMS can schedule and document compliance inspections and any work activities required prior to submittal deadlines.  The system ensures necessary work orders are generated ahead of time, include checklists, and provide access to photos and documents.  Everyone that needs to know, can know.

Historical records provide information on the timing, property, equipment and staff/vendors that were assigned work orders.  Notes and attachments (photos, documents) made concurrent with work performance will be available for reference in the future.  

Prepare and practice emergency response plans for your entire organization to mitigate the impact of weather, fire, or intruder situations. CMMS allows for event steps to be clearly defined and an incident management log will document activities and timing for later analysis.

For productivity, your staff can use the Mobile App to receive assignments and document work efficiently and accurately while right at the work site.  The cloud-based CMMS gives everyone access to documents, associated photos and historical service records from anywhere, anytime.

An integrated CMMS with flexible configuration enables you to Implement Best Practices across multiple departments throughout the organization.  Facilities, Housekeeping, Security, and Fleet could all benefit with an easy-to-use system that organizes requests and tracks work from beginning to end. 

Positive Corporate Image

Healthy, inviting environments are necessary to retain employees, attract customers and set a positive first impression. A CMMS can enable you to be responsive to your visitors by posting QR Code signs that visitors can scan to alert you of what and where service is needed.

As situations arise, at any of your properties, branches or locations, customer satisfaction can hinge on your organization’s timely response.  Specific, up to date status information on your assets lets you confidently make the right decision.

Customer image and operational capability are impacted by how and where you choose to allocate your resources. By using the actual experience and historical data support provided by a CMMS, you can better position your business’s corporate image to customers and show progress by delivering data that backs your claims. 

Monitoring the performance of 3rd-party vendor services can be key to how your organization is perceived in the community.  Their value, timeliness and compliance can be factors in your relationship with each vendor and the quantity of business offered to them.

A CMMS enables Facilities Management to keep the infrastructure of the business operational so you can focus on fulfilling your organization’s mission.

PropertyTRAK is a cloud-based Operations CMMS software solution, designed to manage assets and buildings for sustainability.  Clients benefit from the ability to organize, automate and simplify workflow events and communications.  PropertyTRAK has more than 15 years’ experience supporting clients nation-wide with broad capabilities including industrial-level Mobile Applications for iOS and Android devices.


There are many more great features and customizations than we can pack into our website, so give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll tell you all about what PropertyTRAK can do for your business. Small, medium, or large, we are your operations and maintenance solution!