Emergency preparedness is a topic that most facilities managers are familiar with. Even though disasters, accidents, and hazards are sometimes difficult to anticipate and prepare for, it is the duty of any organization to have a minimum degree of preparation in the case of any foreseeable danger. Fortunately, the PropertyTRAK system of web-based facilities management tools is available to help facilities managers design and develop emergency preparedness solutions via a number of pre-designed emergency response templates.

In the current environment, the topic of emergency preparedness includes a number of concerns. In the past, many decades ago, emergency preparedness was often limited to civil defense, emergency evacuation, and weather disasters. Nowadays, forward-thinking facilities managers must make arrangements for a much larger host of issues and concerns that may occur on or near the property they manage. Emergency preparedness today concerns bomb threats, data loss or corruption, earthquakes, fires of all types, hazardous material or chemical spills, hurricanes or storm surge, large machinery malfunctions, medical emergencies of all types, power outages or blackouts, technological and accidental hazards, terrorism, tornados, and workplace violence. In each case, there are formidable safety and security concerns.

The PropertyTRAK software includes a number of built-in emergency preparedness solutions that include templates for emergency response and disaster recovery, a number of evacuation plans, and information on how to plan, build, and stock shelter-in-place locations on-site. Most importantly, the PropertyTRAK system includes critical messaging solutions. As effective communications are a critical part of any emergency or disaster preparation and recovery, this feature alone may make all the difference in an emergency preparedness plan for your facility.

The PropertyTRAK Emergency Preparedness Features and Benefits:

  • Tools that help employees, staff or tenants respond quickly in the event of an emergency or disaster
  • Ability to create responses to a wide variety of emergencies
  • Create specialized lists of vendors and emergency management teams
  • Ability to create an emergency preparedness plan with few staff members
  • A number of communication tools inform and instruct people how to react
  • Easy access to emergency response information from cell phones, PCs, laptops, or wireless devices
  • Provides easy access to backups of critical company data

Although there are a number of challenges around any emergency preparedness plan (large or small), the PropertyTRAK suite of web-based applications allow the facilities manager to design and develop a number of contingencies around any type of hazard or disaster, mitigate risk, and recover quickly.

PropertyTRAK is an integrated suite of desktop applications that was developed to help facilities managers in mid-sized to large companies to streamline operations and improve processes – including emergency preparedness. To learn more about related facilities management topics, read the monthly blog articles here at PropertyTRAK.