In a facility of any size, managers look at both incoming and pending service requests with an eye toward expediting the request and, subsequently, moving tenant requests out of the work pile. Work order management begins when a service request is turned into an actual work order. At that point, the facilities manager is able to route the work order to in-house or third-party labor for completion. If the facilities manager is without a software-based system to help track and manage the work order, much of the ongoing communication around the job in progress may be lost. In the end, the facilities manager may have to wait until the job is completed before they can review all related work order reports and documents, verify that all tasks have been completed as assigned, close the service request, and notify the tenant that the work has been completed.

In a facilities management environment where computers, smart phone and other mobile devices are in the hands of the facilities managers, staff members, and third-party vendors alike, the use of software applications to facilitate work order management, task assignment, job tracking, and reporting are becoming commonplace. Facilities work order management software has taken facilities management to the next level of productivity and expediency – allowing managers to turn service requests into assignable, trackable work orders in less than 1 minute from the time it was received from the tenant. Work order management software, such as PropertyTRAK helps the facilities manager assign tasks right from the desktop – to be delivered over networks or even wirelessly – virtually eliminating a trail of paperwork, as well as eliminating possible mishandling that may lead to delays in service request completion.

Work order management software consolidates all work order notes and exchanges, allowing the facilities managers to also see all documents and communications related to the service request. This “dashboard” level viewpoint allows the facilities manager in charge of the work order to view work order flow, eliminate communication breakdowns, and manage job details only when it is necessary for them to step in. The effect is an improved response time from the moment the service request is issued to the moment it is completed, as well as less hands-on involvement from the manager in charge of the work order.

Benefits of Work Order Management Software from PropertyTRAK:

  • Create and assign work orders in under 60 seconds
  • Assign work order tasks to staffers from any location
  • Dispatch work order calls via text message or e-mail
  • Connect to facility operations via any internet-connected device
  • Use smart phones and other mobile devices to manage assets and requests
  • Instantly notify staff or vendors of incoming service requests
  • Coordinate multiple labor efforts without paperwork
  • Receive instant notification of work order updates and completion
  • Review staff performance and rate the timeliness and quality of the work performed
  • Manage your own work performance and ensure job security
  • costs and improve service levels

The end result is one in which software-based efficiency leads to greater labor coordination, a cost benefit to the building or facility, and a high rate of customer satisfaction.

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