A facility management tool like PropertyTRAK can be a great value added service for companies that have their own clients. Third-party facility management companies, multi-tenant commercial property management companies, data centers, and others can give their clients access to PropertyTRAK, enabling greater communication and supporting mutual accountability. Facility services includes not only facility maintenance and physical plant, but also IT services including network and computer hardware and software, as well as other work groups that your company offers to its clients.

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Co-Branding Gives Your Company a Competitive Edge

PropertyTRAK now offers custom web addresses for its customers, enabling customers to effectively co-brand PropertyTRAK functionality, and to make the facilities support process as seamless as possible. When a custom subdomain is deployed, your clients can login directly from a special web address exclusive to your company. For example, FacilitiesGroup.com-ptrak.us. Your custom address can be accessed by any web browser with standard Internet access, just like the PropertyTRAK main website. Your company’s name and header banner appear on the site before users login, keeping your company’s brand identity in front of them at all times. And, the web address (URL) always includes your company’s name, no matter what part of the application they are using. Custom addresses gives many of the benefits of a whitebox solution, while leveraging the Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Custom Headers for Your Clients

To personalize a strong connection between your customers and your company, graphic custom division headers can be setup for your key clients, or for all of your clients. After logging in, the users would then see the header image that is set for them, reinforcing your brand as well as their relationship with your company.

Embed Your Login on your Internet or Intranet

We can even give you the website code to embed the login for your unique web address into your own web pages, either on public Internet pages, or on private intranet sites. That way, customers only need to remember one web address: your company’s main website. From your website, customers can submit service tickets and staff can login to complete their work orders.

Supercharge Your Client Services with a Custom Domain

Can you imagine your company able to offer its clients a unique login for facility services? Do the above details sound interesting to you? Do you have ideas that go beyond what’s discussed here? Call to share your ideas with us:


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