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Create User Groups: Employee Groups and Lease Tenants

Tenant/Employee contacts are users that can submit service requests, but can’t see work orders or equipment like staff can. Every Tenant/Employee belongs to a parent user group. There are two types of user groups: Employee Groups and Lease Tenants.

From the User Group list, click Create New User Group link

'Create' Link on the User Group List page

Complete and Submit User Group form

Create Employee Group (or Lease Tenant) formA default tenant/employee contact is created for the user group. The default email should be the email of the main contact for the group. If needed, this contact can be managed from the Administration> Contacts page.

Assign Departments

Set Departments for the User Group at the assigned propertyAfter creating the User Group, the assign department page is automatically displayed. Press the Submit button to assign all departments except global.

This concludes the process for creating a new user group.


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