Clients can have a dropdown of common requests available to their requesters for the Nature of Request field.

Below is how it looks to the end user.

Service request form showing common requests

The requester can either select a common request from a dropdown (once a client administrator configures it) or can type a nature of request that’s not on the list. When selecting a common request, the department field will be set automatically.

Work Orders> Manage Common Requests

Only Client Administrators can see the Manage Common Requests menu item. This menu item is accessed through the Work Orders menu.

Work Orders> Manage Common Requests

Manage Common Requests Screen

Common requests are listed by label, department, and type designator.

Create/Edit a Common RequestCreate a new common request
Create a new common request by clicking Create Common Requests link.

On the Create Common Request screen, type the name of the entry in the Label field. Use the dropdowns for Department and Type Designator. Then press the Finish button. Your new common request will appear on the list shown on the Manage Common Entries screen. It will also be shown in the dropdown for Nature of Request on the service request form.

When the coordinator approves service requests that use a common request, the type designator will be already be filled in on the work order form.