service request form customized

Service Request form, customized

In response to requests from our clients to provide customization of the service request form, PropertyTRAK now supports a list of Common Requests, so requesters can simply select their request from a dropdown. When selecting the request, both the department (IT or Facilities) and the type designator (for example, plumbing) are automatically selected behind the scenes. This new functionality not only makes it simpler for employees and tenants to report work that needs to be done, it also gives facility managers and client administrators the opportunity to list items that they would like to see reported more often. For example, leaky faucets or other restroom fixtures, enabling managers to proactively stop losses.

Common requests simplify the service request approval process. They make it easier to categorize work by the type designator (HVAC, electrical). And they standardize the reporting of common items so that coordinators can quickly see how often certain types of requests happen. Along with custom checklists for work orders, this functionality enables clients to customize PropertyTRAK to fit their processes.