CMMS can Maximize ROI for Construction and Remodel Projects

Incorporating the involvement of your CMMS/CAFM into your construction or remodel will return benefits both during and long after the job is done. 

Before the AIA Contracts are signed, agree to an integrated approach so the documentation for future operation and maintenance of the new space can be assembled during the project.

  • Mandate the use of Naming/Numbering conventions for spaces, assets, and procedures.
  • Require Excel or CSV formatted lists of assets that match the format of your CMMS/CAFM system.   
  • Capture Certificates of Insurance from all Contractors/Vendors with the appropriate insured coverages.
  • Use your CMMS system for all “Punch List” remediation.
  • On final walk-through, take condition photos and assign QR Codes/Labels with your CMMS system. 
  • Require up to date As-Built drawings in a format you can use.

Post-construction, you will have the documentation and processes in place to begin providing timely support and services from Day 1.

  • Require all contractors/vendors to use your CMMS system to document all warranty work.
  • Use manufacturer specifications to develop checklists that housekeeping and maintenance staff must follow to prevent voiding warranties.
  • Update MRO levels (maintenance, repair, operations) of new consumable inventory items. 
  • Be sure to inventory and document “Attic Stock” so storage conforms with manufacturer’s specifications for temperature, humidity, stacking weight, etc.
  • Develop/update all safety and training protocols/procedures including:
    • Fire Escape Routes
    • Emergency shut-off locations and procedures for utilities (Water, Electricity, Gas, , etc.).
    • Security rounds and awareness of any combustible or dangerous zones.
    • Schedule an official walk-through with the local Fire Marshall and Police.
  • Revise reports to include impact of the new space.
  • Evaluate staffing levels and staffing specialties.
  • Use the newly amassed documentation and information to develop new operating and capital budgets.

Maximizing ROI benefits goes well beyond just standardizing MEP Fixtures (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) for fewer inventory items and maintenance efficiencies.  The end results should be a new space that achieves the intended design objective, within budget and time allowed, without unreasonable scope creep, that meets your quality standards and needs.