sample facilities work order showing checklist with custom fields

sample facilities work order showing checklist with custom fields

PropertyTRAK introduces Checklists functionality to provide custom fields on work orders, including:

  • Work orders created in response to service requests
  • Stand alone work orders
  • Work orders related to equipment
  • Scheduled recurring preventive maintenance work orders.

Checklists can be very useful to gather specific data (a number, temperature, PSI or On/Off, etc.), descriptions of inspection results, multiple choice answers and labeled checkboxes for assuring that multiple steps have been completed.



A Checklist is a set of custom fields for a particular type designator that enables specific data to be collected and recorded for a work order or preventive maintenance task.

Type Designator

The type of work for a particular work order or equipment item, for example: Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Engineering, Janitorial/Cleaning, Landscaping, etc.

Completing a Work Order that Has a Checklist

Complete the work order as usual, by selecting the Complete action on the Work Order List screen.

The sample screenshot of the Complete Work Order screen shows fields for required and optional data, standard and custom data.

We have training guides available for setting up and using custom fields, and will make these available to you upon request. We can also work with you directly to help you become familiar with this new enhancement.

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