Most articles on Facility Budget Management advocate implementing a modern CMMS.  They point out that readily available CMMS data helps identify and justify needs and plans for the future.  

When multiple departments (Facilities, Custodial, Fleet, Security, etc.) can utilize the same CMMS, it magnifies the usefulness of the historical data while adding efficiency to operations when processing service requests.  Without solid data, many Facility Managers are overwhelmed when gathering support data for their Capital and Operating Budget.

Historical data provides important benchmarks upon which to build upcoming plans:

  • What was spent in the previous 8 months, plus what is projected through year end?
  • Can you explain to management any significant variations between budget and actual?
  • Were any variances caused by previous funding denials due to a lack of supporting data?  Example: A costly asset replacement was proposed because of expected failure but cut from the budget so it had to operate on a “run-to-fail” basis.

A modern CMMS system provides:

  • Reports to help you identify possible savings, as well as looming large expenses
  • Statistics to reflect the efficiency of your current staffing levels
  • Information about maintenance contracts, equipment leases, and other long-term obligations for use when management makes operational expansion or reduction business decisions

Whether or not you have an existing system, PropertyTRAK can offer you budget information to implement a web-based, mobile-friendly CMMS.  Then next year, PropertyTRAK can keep you from being overwhelmed as you access CMMS data to support your budgeting process.  Now is the time to evaluate your operations, and plan for an organized future with PropertyTRAK.