For the facilities manager on a property of any size, there is more to the job than accepting work order requests, assigning labor, and managing outcomes. Facilities managers are routinely tasked with forecasting equipment and labor needs for their various buildings or environments. The most accurate forecasts are always built with information that is as accurate and reliable as the facilities manager can provide. This is where routine information gathering and reporting comes in handy.

Reporting is a project detail that comes with nearly every business or job function in every employment environment in the developed world. When a facilities manager is asked to evaluate a piece of equipment or a third-party service vendor, a competent reporting tool allows them to see a history of response time, functionality, or productivity – especially if the reporting tool is built directly into their facilities management suite of applications.

Facilities management is a job function that incorporates numerous competencies and areas of proficiency. Those service providers or vendors that work with facilities managers are, therefore, tasked with performing as needed or run the risk of losing future work in the facility. As such, any comprehensive facilities management reporting tool will take into consideration numerous aspects of the facilities management process – including response time for service providers or vendors, completion time of assigned work, and a tally of all associated costs. The reporting tools built into PropertyTRAK include these metrics and many more.

Regarding an outside vendor or service team, the Average Initial Response Time details how soon they responded after the initial call or work order was placed by the facility. The Average Completion Time tells the facilities manager how long it took labor to complete the job at hand. An Average Labor and Material Cost keeps the facilities manager and upper management well- informed about the overall costs of each job as they are completed, as well as what costs can be expected with similar jobs in the future. The PropertyTRAK reporting tool allows facilities managers to track and report on all of these metrics, as well as the total number of work orders assigned and the percentage of work orders that are past due at any given time.

Benefits of Reporting Tools by PropertyTRAK

  • Allows the facilities manager to become more proactive in their role
  • Manage and sustain a successful facility management operation
  • Reduce operating costs by tracking efficiency of labor
  • Report on the effectiveness of outside labor or service providers
  • Document and analyze nearly every aspect of the job
  • Make better-informed business decisions with reporting history

PropertyTRAK is an integrated suite of desktop applications that was developed to help facilities managers in mid-sized to large companies reduce business processes and streamline operations. To learn more about related facilities management topics, read the monthly blog articles here at PropertyTRAK.