I recently re-read “Who Moved My Cheese” written by Spencer Johnson, MD. Whether you agree with it or not, change happens. PropertyTRAK is helping one of our clients reorganize and move headquarters while another client is about to start down that same path.

Facilities Management is a significant player in supporting initiatives by Executives, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, and other departments. Periods of change are often ideal times to review your current organization and processes.  

Your current insurance documentation will almost certainly need to be updated and possibly provided to a new landlord or lender. It’s a good time to determine which of your current Vendor Services need to be updated before transferring to the new location. If not transferring, set termination dates and line up new vendors.

Since IFMA is featuring Emergency Preparedness for the month of August, I am reminded of other plans that need to be in place before employees are relocated. You will need to review, update and share plans for Evacuation, Business Continuity, Emergency Preparedness, Security and much more at the new location.  

The PropertyTRAK system provides profiles of properties, vendors and assets as well as storage for all types of documents that may need reviewed. Our advanced modules like Project Management and Emergency Preparedness can help prepare your organization to move into the new environment. A scheduled, recurring review of your records and processes is a prudent policy, even is no one is about to Move your Cheese.