A division is a level used to limit staff access by location. Divisions can be used to segregate properties according to regions, campuses, and properties or groups of properties. Staff in the Top Level have access to all divisions and properties.

Divisions for Staff Users

Client Example of Division Hierarchy

Example: Top Level Division View

Division structure with division names (rectangles) and properties (circles)

In the example above, the divisions are shown as boxes, and the properties are shown as circles. The eight properties are arranged in three main divisions and these are further broken down to the lowest levels.

Top Level staff, including Client Administrators, see all properties at all levels of the division hierarchy.

Example: Division View

Staff users in the Kansas City division would only see properties in their own division and below.

Staff in a particular division see their own division and divisions within their division

Staff could be assigned to any division. Staff in North Kansas City division would see Property 1 and Property 2.

Staff in South Kansas City Division would see Property 1, Property 2, and Property 3. When a division has only one property in it, staff can be locked down to viewing a single property only.

Division staff see division filters for their own division level and those below. In the example above, staff users at Kansas City level would only see their own division and below.

Filter for staff user in Kansas City division

The above filter field shows the Kansas City division and the divisions below the Kansas City division.

By Module: How Divisions limit staff view according to division level

Divisions are used to limit staff users to a particular set of properties. Top level staff have access to all levels. Divisions can have multiple levels, so staff at a particular level have access to levels below their own level. Staff in non-global departments are also restricted by department. Assigned permissions also control which modules are available to staff.

Properties: Staff see only properties within their division or below their division. Division filters show the staff’s division as the highest level, and any lower divisions below that.

Projects: Staff see only projects for properties at their own division or lower.

Work Orders: Staff can view and be assigned work orders for properties in their division or below.

Note: The available staff list for a work order includes staff in the division chain above a particular division, so staff in a higher division can also be assigned to work orders.

Service Requests: Staff only view service requests related to properties in their division or below.

User Groups: Staff see only Tenant Groups and Employee Groups assigned to properties within their division or lower. Unassigned User Groups are visible to staff in all divisions.

Staff: Staff see all staff in their own division or lower.

Vendors: Vendor companies can be limited to specific divisions. Staff can only view those vendors at their division level or below.

Equipment: Staff can see equipment assigned to properties at own division level and below.

Emergency: Staff see emergency events at properties in own division and below.

Bids: Staff see bid requests for work at properties in own division and below.

Calendar: Staff see events for properties at own division and below.

Documents: Staff can view documents associated with records which they have access to (if the document is set for staff visibility).

Example: North Kansas City division

In the example above, Staff in North Kansas City division would see information related to both properties, but staff in Property 1 Division or Property 2 Division would only see information related to the one property.

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