5 Signs its Time to Replace Your Healthcare Facilities Management Solution and What to do About it

Replacing an existing healthcare facilities management solution can be a daunting task. But when the signs are obvious that it’s time to make a switch, ignoring them could mean putting your facility’s performance at risk. Here are five surefire signs that it might be time to look into replacing your current healthcare facilities maintenance process:

1. Inability to Handle Growth – As your facility grows and evolves, you will need a system that can keep up with all of the changes. If your current process isn’t able to handle the growth and complexity of operations, it’s worth considering replacing it with one that is.

2. Poor Customer Service – A reliable customer service team is essential for any facility managing system. If you’re having difficulty getting the help you need when using your current system, it’s time to look at other options.

3. Too Many Manual Processes – Manually entering data and performing manual processes can be incredibly time-consuming and increase the risk of errors. Look for a solution that offers automated processes as a way to streamline operations and reduce human error.

4. Poor User Experience – It’s essential that staff members are able to quickly learn how to use the software in order for it to be effective for your facility. If users, particularly new users, find your existing system difficult to use, consider something that may work better.

5. Lack of flexible reporting – Regulations and reporting requirements change rapidly in healthcare.  The ability to be responsive with documented proof and hit deadlines is essential.  Look for a system that offers a flexible structure that can integrate multiple departments of your organization so you can easily access updated data that covers several needs all-in-one.

If you find yourself facing any of these signs, it may be time to consider replacing your existing healthcare facilities maintenance process with one that meets the needs and expectations of today’s modern healthcare organizations. Doing so can help ensure your facility runs more smoothly and efficiently.

If you manage a healthcare facility, implementing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is the best way to streamline operations and ensure that all essential tasks are completed on time. A modern, cloud-based CMMS can offer numerous benefits, from reducing operational costs to improving patient safety. Here’s why it’s worth replacing your existing healthcare facilities maintenance process with a CMMS:

1. Improved Efficiency – A CMMS enables staff members to complete essential tasks in less time and with fewer resources. This translates into improved efficiency across the board, as well as cost savings for your organization.

2. Increased Visibility – With a CMMS, facility managers have access to up-to-date information about assets, maintenance schedules, and supplies. This helps them make better decisions and prioritize tasks more effectively.

3. Automation – Automating routine tasks such as work order management, inventory tracking, and scheduling can help staff members spend their time on more important projects. A CMMS makes this possible by streamlining processes and minimizing manual data entry.

4. Reduced Risk of Human Error – By automating mundane tasks, a CMMS reduces the risk of human error that can lead to costly omissions, mistakes or disruptions in service.

5. Improved Equipment Lifespan – Preventative maintenance is key to getting the most from your equipment and extending its lifespan. A CMMS provides all the tools you need for effective preventative maintenance, from tracking usage to scheduling regular maintenance.

Replacing your existing healthcare facilities maintenance process with an integrated CMMS can help you improve efficiency, reduce risk, and extend the life cycle of your equipment. By taking advantage of the many benefits a CMMS has to offer, you can maximize the performance of your facility and deliver better patient care.

Learn More About CMMS in Healthcare Facilities

CMMS and the Maintenance of Medical Facility Equipment

CMMS and the Maintenance of Medical Facility Equipment

With CMMS software, healthcare facility managers have access to detailed records about their assets and can easily track which inspections have been completed, what preventive maintenance has been performed, where parts were last used, or when warranties expire.

What Healthcare Facilities Are Saying About PropertyTRAK

“Great tool for a Great Facility!”

KCU has two medical science campuses – Kansas City and Joplin, MO – chose PropertyTRAK five years ago because of the configurable flexibility of its solution.  PropertyTRAK has proven itself and we continue to expand and implement more capabilities. 

We use many of their configurable capabilities to make us more efficient – Dashboard for overview, Checklists for maintenance, Automated notifications for late work, Reports for trends, and Consumable Inventory for accurate accounting and cost reduction.  We associate equipment with QR codes with maintenance activity that helps predict our capital replacement budgets. 

PropertyTRAK delivers great tools for a great facility!”

Kevin Cambers
Facility Manager

“Great organizational and communications tool”

We provide primary and behavioral health services to 40,000 people a year in Greater Kansas City and parts of 2 states.  PropertyTRAK is a great organizational and communications tool for us.

Our materials management team uses it for moving offices and we have multiple departments using it to track maintenance requests for our 12 facilities and mobile medical van.   The standard and customizable reports available help us plan and monitor daily and preventive maintenance activities. 

Compliance with regulations is critical and we appreciate PropertyTRAK’s help in continuing to meet our requirements.”

Jim Maag
Facilities Manager

“Improved our ability to spot and report operational trends”

Compass Health is a network of seventy locations across Missouri including clinics, family services offices, and a hospital.

We have expanded our use of PropertyTRAK throughout the last five years.  We set up recurring preventive maintenance and inspections using custom checklists, track equipment assets with QR Codes, and manage our consumable inventory and suppliers.  With their customizable reports, we have improved our ability to spot and report operational trends.

We have been able to standardize operating procedures so we can meet corporate expectations and government compliance. Emergency Response Plans and critical group messaging is essential for us.  PropertyTRAK has become a useful tool for Compass Health!”

Daniel Grzenia
Senior Director of Facilities


There are many more great features and customizations than we can pack into our website, so give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll tell you all about what PropertyTRAK can do for your business. Small, medium, or large, we are your operations and maintenance solution!