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facilities management software: web based

Easy to use facilities management software

One of the hallmarks of PropertyTRAK's design is to be a practical tool that's easy to use: for tenants, staff, and facility managers. Tenants and employees can submit service requests using a simple screen that also lets them check progress. Staff members know what's expected of them. And facility managers have an easy to use control screen that gives them a total view of their facilities and operations.

Web interface is a big part of making PropertyTRAK easy to use. Everybody knows how to use online tools. But, even more, ease of use is the guiding principle of the whole system. PropertyTRAK is easy to understand and easy to navigate.

System interaction is also easy. The facility manager can be notified by text message whenever a client submits a request for service. As a web based application, PropertyTRAK interfaces with smartphones, PDAs and other web enabled devices, so work can be directed from any facility, or outside the facilities. The manager also determines which messages come through – emergency, critical, normal or minor. You run the system. It doesn't run you.

PropertyTRAK is the practical tool of choice for today's facility manager

Our product was developed by facility managers for facility managers

PropertyTRAK delivers affordable, easy-to-use facilities management software to the facility manager looking to automate his or her enterprise. It offers a broad spectrum of tools ranging from work order management to emergency preparedness. Learn more...