PropertyTRAK was created as an easy to use CMMS system that is configurable to meet the specific needs of our client customers. We created PropertyTRAK ten years ago and we continue to evolve and add useful automation and scheduling enhancements as new application modules based upon our customer’s needs.

PropertyTRAK was designed in the SaaS environment so it would be available 24/7 in a secure format that would not infringe on the client’s data center workload. Since the initial design and development in 2006, PropertyTRAK has been deployed to all our customers as an encrypted https secure web based solution. Our SaaS solution provides many benefits and capabilities that enhance its value, ease of access and usability for the many types of users it serves: Employees/Tenants, Staff/Technicians, Management and Vendor Suppliers.

Server & Software Description

1. Encrypted Secure Access – High Speed Servers – No Server Maintenance

  • Data Center: AWS Services – Cloud Computing Services
  • IT Infrastructure in secure hardened Data Center
  • Tier-3 Level Facility – 10 Telecom Internet Sources – Fail-over UPS Backup – Multiple Backup Power Generators – Access Controlled Building & NOC
  • PCI, SAS 70, NIST, OSHA, HIPPA and LEED Certified

2. Redundant Data Backup – PropertyTRAK has implemented Continuous replication to a second data center that is setup with switch-over DNS routing to ensure fail-safe continuation of services and access to PropertyTRAK’s servers. In addition, a full incremental media file and database backup is performed daily to an off-site data center.

We continuously monitor or servers for performance and capacity to ensure reliable fast access to our applications. We can also scale our production system by adding additional processors, RAM, memory and network bandwidth as needed. The PropertyTRAK platform is designed to add additional VM Application Servers quickly to meet the growing demand for increased simultaneous user access as needed.

3. PropertyTRAK Production server stack consists of multiple VM (Virtual Machine) servers for:

  • Application Servers: Centos using Apache https, Apache Tomcat (east and west)
  • SQL Database Servers: Centos using Percona SQL (east and west)
  • Beta Servers: Centos with full stack (east and west)

4. Client Company Controls – Client Administrator Controlled User Access Permissions – Conveyed by Role Based Defined User Access Controls and with individual User permissions as needed.