PropertyTRAK understands many educational institutions operate 16+ hours a day, and 6 or 7 days a week. Scheduling staff/vendors and preventive maintenance time slots is a balancing act. Cross departmental support (security, IT, Grounds, Housekeeping, and Facilities) can best be coordinated using a common platform for Work Orders and Asset Management. The resultant reports help develop capital and operating budgets, and reinforces your dedication to the mission of your institution. The approved safety plans and procedures can be embedded in work orders to assure compliance. Our mobile app provides access to historical maintenance records and maintenance manuals for technicians at the job site.

PropertyTRAK’s CMMS solution for schools transforms any education facility’s fragmented information into one organized, easily accessible solution designed for intelligent management.

The wide-ranging functions of education facilities can require many types of operational support of management, staff, employees, multiple departments and vendor management. PropertyTRAK is designed to be uniquely configured for the specific needs of the education campus and the support buildings and rooms like: classrooms, administrative offices, teacher/professor lounges, student union building, food prep/dining halls, student dorms, administrative residences, science labs, auditoriums, lectures halls, gymnasiums, library, museum/art space, sporting event fields, warehouse storage, fleet management, grounds maintenance, utilities, and maintenance facilities.

Any school building can be configured and organized into the PropertyTRAK CMMS for schools to support the recurring work and ongoing operations of Multiple Departments, Projects or Inventory Management. Emergency Preparedness adds a convenient system for maintaining up to date emergency response plans, Critical Text & Email Communications and includes Incident Management Logging which can document the story for required regulatory training/testing and of any live emergency event.

Some examples of potential education departments are:

Facility Management: Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Docks, Storage, Lighting, Furniture/Fixtures, Elevators, Food Prep, Lobby, Study/Library, Fitness, Electric, Gas, Water, Waste Management, etc.

IT: Phones, Computers, Network, Internet, Software, Virus Protection, Audio Visual, TVs, etc.

Security: Perimeter Monitoring, Parking Lots, Door Access, Public Entrance, Employee Entrance, Time Clock, Emergency Preparedness, etc.

Custodial: Scheduled Recurring Procedures for: Cleaning, Carpet, Trash, Recycled Materials, Air Freshener, Restrooms, Food/Dining Areas, Common Areas, Special Purpose Spaces, etc.

Grounds/Landscaping: Lawn, Shrubs, Flowers, Ground Cover, Pools, Fences, Signage, Sprinklers, Seeding/Fertilizer, Ice/Weather Safety, etc.

Fleet Management: Scheduled Transportation, Vans, Trucks, Carts, Workshop, Repairs, Warranty Tracking, Accidents, etc.

PropertyTRAK gathers detailed descriptions of all requests and work order data of what, when, where and how much time and cost was incurred. These results are recorded and are available in configurable condition reports of performed work details, time, materials consumed, quality of service and costs for any performed work related to the buildings, departments, assets and people for specific events or periods of time.

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