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Benefits of Facilities Software for Medical Office Buildings

The U.S. healthcare industry is growing at an astounding rate. Consequently, facilities managers in the U.S. healthcare industry are routinely challenged with meeting facility maintenance goals and adhering to regulations and standards set forth by the healthcare industry as a whole. This is especially true for those facilities managers tasked with overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of medical office buildings or clinics with a number of separate buildings or locations. Maintaining a high-level of operational health and functionality in the facility, as well as aiding in patient experience, is a day-to-day process that requires the assistance of expert staff members, reliable third-party vendors, and a comprehensive suite of facilities management tools.

Facilities management in a busy medical office building or system of health clinics is a duty that concerns everything from maintaining elevators and walkways to selecting and maintaining hospital upholstery in waiting areas. Fortunately, the PropertyTRAK software suite is a comprehensive computerized maintenance and facilities management system that helps facilities managers to better manage their facilities, optimize energy usage, maintain standards of safety, and control overhead costs.

PropertyTRAK was designed by facilities managers for facilities managers. The software is ideal for medical office buildings and clinics (with three locations or more) including those with satellite treatment centers, mobile clinics, residential care facilities, or retail medical clinics.

The PropertyTRAK Advantage for Medical Office Buildings and Clinics:

  • Comprehensive suite of management tools for the in-house facilities management team
  • Ability to schedule, track, and manage maintenance for each individual location
  • Easy access to database of maintenance reports and equipment asset histories
  • Allows facilities managers to streamline processes and enhance operating efficiency
  • Ability to outsource services without impacting vendor or staff communications
  • Create specialized lists of vendors and emergency management teams
  • Ability to create an emergency preparedness plan with few staff members
  • Capture and control the flow of data for work order tracking and reporting
  • Provides easy access to backups of critical office data
  • Built-in tools and templates that can help medical office staff and patients respond quickly to an emergency or disaster situation
  • Can help improve patient care and reduce long-term operational costs

The PropertyTRAK suite of web-based applications is an ideal solution for numerous types of healthcare buildings in a diversity of traditional and non-traditional environments (including nursing homes, surgical and outpatient centers, and emergency care clinics). In addition, PropertyTRAK can aid the medical office facilities manager in designing contingencies and recovery programs around various types of emergency situations, hazards, or disasters that might impact staff and on-site patients.

PropertyTRAK is an integrated suite of desktop applications that was developed to help facilities managers in medical office buildings to streamline operations and improve processes – including emergency preparedness. To learn more about related facilities management topics, read the monthly blog articles here at PropertyTRAK.


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